International MOST Conference and Exhibition
19 April 2016 in Stuttgart/Esslingen, Germany

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Conference News

MOSTCO Announces MOST Forum Program

MOST Forum Will Focus on Seamless Connectivity Worldwide
Karlsruhe (Germany) 25 February 2016

8th MOST® Forum on April 19, 2016

MOST® Cooperation Opens 2016 MOST Forum Call for Speakers
Karlsruhe (Germany) 15 September 2015

MOST® Forum 2015 Program Available

MOST Forum Will Explore Sustainability, Robustness, and New Features of MOST Technology
Karlsruhe (Germany) 23 February 2015

7th MOST® Forum on April 21, 2015

MOST® Cooperation Calls for Speakers for the MOST Forum 2015
Karlsruhe (Germany) 2 September 2014

MOST® Forum 2014 Press Kit available for download (zip, 52 MB)

Program for the MOST® Forum 2014 Released

Microchip Technology Will Outline MOST Vehicle Networking Strategy
Karlsruhe (Germany) 24 February 2014

MOST® Forum Opens Call for Papers for 2014 Conference

International MOST Conference and Exhibition Goes into 6th Year
Starnberg (Germany) 23 July 2013

MOST® Forum 2013 Press Kit available for download (zip, 14 MB)

MOST® Forum 2013 Program Disclosed

Work on Next Generation of MOST Starting
Starnberg (Germany) 18 December 2012

MOST® Forum 2012 Press Kit available for download (zip, 3 MB)

Exhibitors' News

Toyota Continues to Add Microchip’s MOST50 Networking Devices to Infotainment Systems With New Lexus RX SUV Deployment

MOST® Technology Is the De-facto Standard for High-bandwidth Automotive Multimedia Networking as Cars Evolve into Sophisticated Consumer Electronics Platforms
Chandler, AZ (US) 2 February 2016

Microchip’s MOST150 Technology implemented in the new Volvo S90

MOST150 Continues to Provide Proven, Automotive-Ready In-Car Ethernet Physical Layer
Chandler, AZ (US) 19 January 2016

Audi Deploys Microchip’s MOST150 Technology in New Audi A4 Sedan’s Virtual Cockpit Infotainment System

Audi’s Third Combined Digital Instrument Cluster and Multi Media Interface to Employ Microchip’s MOST150 INICs With USB for Seamless Connection to System-on-Chip
Chandler, AZ (US) 15 December 2015

Microchip Applauds Linux Foundation’s Vision of How Open-Source Collaboration is Transforming the Automotive Industry

Presentation at MOST® Cooperation’s Interconnectivity Conference Asia 2015 Highlights the Value of Automotive Grade Linux in Creating a New Automotive
Chandler, AZ (US) 9 December 2015

Linux includes MOST® Technology

New Linux Driver Enables MOST for Linux Ecosystem
Karlsruhe (Germany) 12 November 2015

MOST® Linux Driver for Microchip’s MOST Network Interface Controllers Added to Open Source Linux Mainline Kernel 4.3

Allows Designers to Quickly and Easily Tap Into the Growing Adoption of Linux-Based Devices, Using the MOST Specification for High-Bandwidth Automotive Infotainment Applications
Chandler, AZ (US) 10 November 2015

Microchip Enables Cost-Efficient CI+ Based Pay TV in Automotive Infotainment Networks Via Broad MOST® Technology Device Portfolio

MOST Cooperation Standardization Organization Releases Specification for CI+ Content Protection Transmission Over MOST Automotive Multimedia Networks
Chandler, AZ (US) 13 October 2015

MOST® Stream Transmission Specification Released

MOST Cooperation Specifies CI+ Content Protected Transmission over MOST
Karlsruhe (Germany) 6 October 2015

Toyota Adds Vellfire Car Model to Rollout of Microchip MOST50 Networking Devices in Toyota Infotainment Systems

MOST50 Technology Continues to Ensure High-Quality Digital Audio in Toyota Vellfire Executive-Lounge Vehicles
Chandler, AZ (US) 29 September 2015

16th MOST® ICA on November 12, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

Presentations on Sustainability, Robustness, and New Features of MOST
Karlsruhe (Germany) 28 September 2015

Electrical instead of optical

Telemotive AG presents the first MOST150 cPhy data logger
Munich (Germany) 25 September 2015

Toyota Continues Rollout of Microchip MOST50 Networking Devices With New Toyota Alphard Car Model’s Infotainment System

MOST50 Technology Ensures High-Quality Digital Audio Streaming in Toyota Alphard Executive-Lounge Hybrids
Chandler, AZ (US) 22 September 2015

PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN Implements Microchip’s MOST150 Technology In Aircross SUV Concept Car’s Infotainment System

Microchip today announced that PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN is networking the coaxial-cable infotainment system of its Aircross SUV concept car using MOST® Technology.
Chandler, AZ (US) 15 September 2015

Microchip’s New MOST150 Coaxial Transceiver Enables Powerful, Robust and Cost-Efficient Automotive Infotainment Networks Based on Coaxial Cables

Fully Compliant MOST® Infotainment Network Architecture From Microchip Features a Robust Physical Layer and Proven Electromagnetic Compatibility Behavior
Chandler, AZ (US) 1 September 2015

Audi Selects Microchip’s MOST150 Technology for New Audi Q7 SUV’s Virtual Cockpit Infotainment System

Audi’s Second Combined Digital Instrument Cluster and Multi Media Interface to Employ Microchip’s MOST150 INICs With USB for Seamless Connection to System-on-Chip
Chandler, AZ (US) 11 August 2015

MOST150 Implementation by Kia

Kia Motors Takes Advantage of MOST150 Internet Connectivity for New Kia K900
Karlsruhe (Germany) 16 July 2015

AUTOSAR Integrated With MOST® Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Networking Technology

Bosch Subsidiary ETAS Demonstrates Automotive Industry Standard AUTOSAR Solution for Connecting With a MOST Network Using Microchip’s Devices
Chandler, AZ (US) 7 July 2015

16th MOST® ICA on November 12, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

MOST Cooperation Opens Call for Speakers for Interconnectivity Conference Asia
Karlsruhe (Germany) 18 June 2015

Kia Selects Microchip’s MOST150 Devices for Telematics Service in Flagship Kia K900 Model’s Infotainment Network

Luxury Sedan’s Infotainment System Builds on Kia’s Years of Experience With MOST® Networking Technology
Chandler, AZ (US) 16 June 2015

Volvo Cars Upgrade to Microchip’s MOST150 Devices for Ethernet Packet Transport in All-New Volvo XC90 Model’s Infotainment Network

MOST150 Standard Carries Ethernet Packets According to IEEE 802.3 Spec,Providing the Only Proven, Automotive-Ready In-Car Ethernet Physical Layer
Chandler, AZ (US) 26 May 2015

MOST150 Implementation in the All-new Volvo XC90

The MOST Cooperation is pleased to announce that Volvo has integrated MOST150 into its brand new vehicle model Volvo XC90.
Karlsruhe (Germany) 18 May 2015

General Motors and Toyota Implement Microchip’s MOST50 Networking Devices in Infotainment Systems; 25 Millionth Device Shipped

Microchip announced that a wide variety of brands from carmakers General Motors Co. and Toyota Motor Corporation, including both volume and luxury vehicles, continue to deploy Microchip’s MOST50 devices in their infotainment systems.
Chandler, AZ (US) 13 May 2015

Audi Selects Microchip’s MOST150 Technology for New Audi TT Virtual Cockpit System

Combined Digital Instrument Cluster and Multi Media Interface Employs Microchip’s MOST150 INIC With USB for Seamless Connection to System-on-Chip
Chandler, AZ (US) 20 April 2015

BMW Implements Microchip’s MOST® Technology to Power New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Model’s Infotainment System

Microchip Technology Inc. today announced that the BMW Group is continuing to broaden the proliferation of MOST® technology in its vehicle infotainment networks, using Microchip’s Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs).
Chandler, AZ (US) 14 April 2015


MOST Forum 2015: MOST Cooperation Will Present the Integration of AUTOSAR within the MOST Network
Karlsruhe (Germany) 31 March 2015

Microchip’s MOST150 INICs Enable Cost-Effective Smart Antenna Module Coaxial Connectivity to Automotive Control, Audio, Video and Internet Protocol Networks

MOST® Cooperation Releases MOST150 Technology Coaxial Physical Layer Specification; Ideally Suited for Automotive Smart-Antenna Data Traffic and Simultaneous Power Delivery
Chandler, AZ (US) 25 March 2015

Microchip Introduces World’s First H.264 Video I/O Companions Optimized for MOST High-Speed Automotive Infotainment and ADAS Networks

H.264 Video Encoders and Decoders Simplify Applications Requiring High Quality, Low Latency and Content-Protected Video Transmission
Chandler, AZ (US) 3 February 2015

Microchip Joins The Linux Foundation and Automotive Grade Linux

New Linux Driver Enables MOST® Technology for Linux Ecosystem
Chandler, AZ (US) 6 January 2015

First Chinese Car Maker Joins MOST® Cooperation: Adopts Microchip’s Controllers for In-Vehicle MOST Infotainment Networking

China’s FAW Group is Latest Automotive OEM to Select MOST Technology; Installed in Over 170 Global Car Models Since 2001 and Growing
Chandler, AZ (US) 2 December 2014

MOST® Multiport Architecture

MOST150 Design Enables Streaming Bandwidth Increase
Karlsruhe (Germany) 13 November 2014

MOSTCO Goes China

MOST® Cooperation Welcomes FAW Group as First Chinese Carmaker Member
Karlsruhe (Germany) 13 November 2014

New MOSTCO Administrator Assigned

Henry Muyshondt Succeeds Rainer Klos as MOST® Cooperation Administrator
Karlsruhe (Germany) 13 November 2014

MOST® ICA Program Focuses on Latest MOST150 Implementations and Applications

15th MOST® Interconnectivity Conference Asia on November 13, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea

Microchip’s MOST® ToGo Reference Designs Make Creating Automotive Infotainment Systems Easy

MOST Cooperation Invites Speakers for Interconnectivity Conference Asia

15th MOST® ICA on November 13, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea

First MOST150 Implementation in Asia

Hyundai Motor Implements MOST150 in the All-New Genesis

UPnP in MOST® Networks

Universal Control of In-car MOST Devices by UPnP

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Expands Testing Business to China

Cooperation with HiRain Technologies to Support Chinese Carmakers and Suppliers in Automotive Data Communications

Hamamatsu Photonics: Stable Mass Production of MOST150 FOTs (pdf, 10 KB)

Telemotive: Testing and validating the new MOST150 A/V-streaming (pdf, 187 KB)

MOST® Efficient Connection

MOST Forum 2014: MOSTCO Presents UPnP and Video Coding Use Cases

Opening of MOST® Data Link Layer Opening Proceeding

MOST Cooperation Welcomes Commitment from Microchip Technology to Release MOST150 Data Link Layer Specification

Tektronix Delivers Integration Breakthrough Offering Six Instruments in One Oscilloscope

MDO3000 the Only Integrated Oscilloscope with a Spectrum Analyzer (pdf, 30 KB)

Daimler Introduces MOST150 in the New Mercedes-Benz S-Class

MOST150 has successfully accomplished series development for the next Mercedes-Benz infotainment generation, with fully-qualified series production parts available for all key components.

ADAS Surround View over MOST

MOST150 Star Topology Enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Microchip Releases MOST150 Data Link Layer Specification

MOST Pumps Up the Volume

MOST® Cooperation Celebrates More than 150 Car Models with MOST Inside

Executive Director Assigned

MOST® Cooperation Appoints Henry Muyshondt as Executive Director

MOST® ICA Conference Program Highlights MOST150 Pumping Up the Volume

14th MOST Interconnectivity Conference Asia on November 14, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan

16th International VDI Congress "Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles"

MOST® Cooperation Will Exhibit Simple and Low-cost HD Multimedia Network for Medium- and Small-sized Cars

MOST streaming data recording with Telemotive data logger “blue PiraT” (pdf, 195 KB)

MOST Remote Control

MOST Cooperation Specifies New Remote Control Feature


MOST Cooperation Specifies HDCP for Secure Transmission of HDMI Input over MOST

New MOSTCO Administrator

MOST Cooperation Appoints Rainer Klos as Administrator

Seamless IP Protocol Based Testing of Automotive Data Communication

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Presents Enhanced Test System TTsuite 1.3.0

Tektronix Showcases Real-time Jitter and Eye-diagram Analysis DPOJET at MOST Forum

DPOJET Software with State-Of-The-Art Oscilloscopes, the Only Solution with Enough Record Length and Sample Rate on All Channels, Delivers Ease of Use, for Serial Data Design, Debug and Compliance Test Challenges (pdf, 296 KB)

First MOST150 INIC Supporting USB 2.0 High-Speed Device Interface and Coaxial Physical Layer

Microchip’s INIC Enables Simplified In-Car Mobile as Well as Wi-Fi® Connectivity and Modern Head-Unit Design for MOST® Infotainment Networks

MOST150 Pumps Up the Volume

MOST Forum 2013: MOST Cooperation Will Present New Technology Features

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Aquires MOST® Business Unit of Relnetyx AG

Comprehensive Assessment Methodology Qualifies for Approval by Car Makers

Avago Technologies Showcasing Reflow Versions of MOST25 and MOST150 Fiber Optic Transceivers at MOST Forum 2012 (pdf, 69 KB)

Qualified Data Communication in Vehicles

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Enhances Service Portfolio to Include All Available Communication Technologies

Microchip Releases MOST150 Data Link Layer Specifications

Tektronix Announces New Online Automotive Resource Centre

Content Rich Webpage Provides Automotive Design Engineers with Latest Test Tips for Common Serial Buses and Much More

MOST150 Controller for Multivalent Applications

Introducing basic MOST 6161, GOEPEL electronic has extended the range of communication solutions for MOST150.

MOST Pumps Up the Volume

MOST® Cooperation Celebrates More than 150 Car Models with MOST Inside

MOST150 Inauguration in Audi A3

New MOST® Generation MOST150 Has Entered the Roads in the New Audi A3

MOST® Testing with Cable Model

Application Note for MOST150 Coax Physical Standard is Available

MOST® Technology Is Expanding to the United States

MOST Presentation at SAE Convergence at Booth 706

Test House as a Service Expanded by Operator Model

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Provides the Validation of Infotainment and Telematics Systems

Hamamatsu Released New MOST150 FOTs (pdf, 82 KB)

In-car Ethernet Enters the Road

MOST® Cooperation Releases Automotive Ethernet into Series Production)

Volkswagen Group launches new versions of best-sellers VW Golf, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia with next-generation Infotainment from HARMAN

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Completes Compliance Test of MOST® Control Devices

MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Verifies Signal Traffic for the Electronic Control Line (ECL)

Tektronix Announces Membership to MOST® Cooperation

Tektronix Automated Tools Address MOST Signal Integrity Challenges to Shorten Time to Market Development - Presentation of Tektronix Measurement Solutions at MOST Forum (pdf, 268 KB)

Unique Worldwide MOST150 PXI Controller

GOEPEL electronic introduces PXI 6161, currently the only worldwide PXI communication controller supporting MOST150 standard.

MOST150 Rolls Off the Line

MOST® Forum 2012: MOST Cooperation Releases MOST150 Onto the Road

Automotive Ethernet Put into Practice by MOST150

MOST® Cooperation Demonstrates Seamless Integration of Ethernet-based Devices with MOST

MOST150 Now Allows Safety Critical Applications

Driver Assist Applications to Be Included in MOST® Network

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