International MOST Conference and Exhibition
21 April 2015 in Stuttgart/Esslingen, Germany

Conference Program

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The conference and exhibition of the seventh MOST Forum were well attended. The latest MOST Technology insights and future outlook were presented on April 21, 2015. In Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany), this international MOST conference and exhibition again welcomed top professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia to exchange information and the results of their recent work.

Latest Conference News

MOST® Forum 2015 Program Available

MOST Forum Will Explore Sustainability, Robustness, and New Features of MOST Technology
Karlsruhe (Germany) 23 February 2015

7th MOST® Forum on April 21, 2015

MOST® Cooperation Calls for Speakers for the MOST Forum 2015
Karlsruhe (Germany) 2 September 2014

MOST® Forum 2014 Press Kit available for download (zip, 52 MB)

Latest Exhibitors News

Audi Selects Microchip’s MOST150 Technology for New Audi Q7 SUV’s Virtual Cockpit Infotainment System

Audi’s Second Combined Digital Instrument Cluster and Multi Media Interface to Employ Microchip’s MOST150 INICs With USB for Seamless Connection to System-on-Chip
Chandler, AZ (US) 11 August 2015

MOST150 Implementation by Kia

Kia Motors Takes Advantage of MOST150 Internet Connectivity for New Kia K900
Karlsruhe (Germany) 16 July 2015

AUTOSAR Integrated With MOST® Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Networking Technology

Bosch Subsidiary ETAS Demonstrates Automotive Industry Standard AUTOSAR Solution for Connecting With a MOST Network Using Microchip’s Devices
Chandler, AZ (US) 7 July 2015

16th MOST® ICA on November 12, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

MOST Cooperation Opens Call for Speakers for Interconnectivity Conference Asia
Karlsruhe (Germany) 18 June 2015

Kia Selects Microchip’s MOST150 Devices for Telematics Service in Flagship Kia K900 Model’s Infotainment Network

Luxury Sedan’s Infotainment System Builds on Kia’s Years of Experience With MOST® Networking Technology
Chandler, AZ (US) 16 June 2015

Volvo Cars Upgrade to Microchip’s MOST150 Devices for Ethernet Packet Transport in All-New Volvo XC90 Model’s Infotainment Network

MOST150 Standard Carries Ethernet Packets According to IEEE 802.3 Spec,Providing the Only Proven, Automotive-Ready In-Car Ethernet Physical Layer
Chandler, AZ (US) 26 May 2015

MOST150 Implementation in the All-new Volvo XC90

The MOST Cooperation is pleased to announce that Volvo has integrated MOST150 into its brand new vehicle model Volvo XC90.
Karlsruhe (Germany) 18 May 2015